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Local Lovers in Long Distance Relationships

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This community is for people who are or were in a local relationship, but are dealing with a long distance relationship (currently, recovering, or thinking of entering one). Hopefully we can exchange support and advice, in addition to complaining about how strange, lonely, and hard this is.

If you met your long distance love on the internet, I would recommend that you join online_love, or one of the many other internet LDR communities instead. This is not meant as an exclusion of certain types of relationship, it is just that although many of the experiences are the same, they aren't all, so this community is for previously short distance relationships. Interested parties may be interested in also joining loversfaraway, ldr, or 3500_miles_away, which are mixed LDR groups of originally local and originally internet relationships.

When you join, please post an entry with the following information (feel free to include a picture, but please use an lj-cut if you do!):

Your name (or username):
Your loves name (or username):
Your ages:
Been together:
Been apart:
Reason for the separation:
Locations and/or distance apart:
How often do you see each other?
When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)?
Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married?
Your favorite way to express your love while separated:
Your meeting/getting together story:
Anything else you want to tell us?