Your name (or username): Nicole
Your loves name (or username): Andrew
Your ages: I'm 21, he's almost 23
Been together: 1 year, 3 months-ish
Been apart: On & Off, I see him once a month
Reason for the separation: He lives in NYC, I live in Pennsylvania
Locations and/or distance apart: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
How often do you see each other?Once a month if I can! 
When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)? No idea........
Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married?  Exclusively in love <3 !
Your favorite way to express your love while separated: We talk every day 1-3 times on the phone and use facebook a bit.
Your meeting/getting together story: I met him 3 years ago at Warped Tour in a mosh pit and we started talking....and couple years later we started dating. We've been" together" since June 27th, 2011.

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Found this a bit uplifting:

""Missing someone gets easier every day because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will." ~Anonymous

Maybe a bit lame, but it made me feel a little better and I thought I'd share ^-^

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Your name (or username):  Erica  
Your loves name (or username):  Jeff
Your ages:  Me: 41  Him:  49
Been together: 6 months
Been apart: 2 months
Reason for the separation:  He is a pipeliner and has to travel for work. He's had this job for over 20 years.
Locations and/or distance apart:  Currently 1 hour apart.  But, he's always moving.
How often do you see each other?  Right now, every other weekend
When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)?  I'm not sure.
Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married?  We are definitely Exclusively Dating.
Your favorite way to express your love while separated:  Texting and phone calls.  He doesn't do technology well.  So, unfortunately, no video chats. :^(
Your meeting/getting together story: We were friends for 3 months before we actually started dating.  We were both attracted to each other and decided to take our relationship to the next level.  I'm so glad that we did.
Anything else you want to tell us?
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New... Would love to talk.

Your name (or username): Connie
Your loves name (or username): B
Your ages: 23, 36

Been together:
Almost 2 yrs

Been apart:
2 weeks exactly

Reason for the separation:
Visa application

Locations and/or distance apart:

How often do you see each other?
At the moment, we don't. Hopefully he wont be gone too long but it's the uncertainty of it which is hard.

When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)?
I don't know. I hope he'll be back by next month.

Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married?

Your favorite way to express your love while separated:
We both have notebooks that we are writing to each other in. When we see each other again, we'll exchange them and read them. I think this is so nice as unlike phone calls/Skype there is a written record of everything we felt/wanted to say. I'm better at expressing myself in words, anyway.

Your meeting/getting together story: Mutual friend introduced us but we were with other people at the time. We always liked each other secretly and then one day much later, we got together and never looked back. :)

Anything else you want to tell us?
I've never felt so lonely in my entire life. Not only am I not able to see my husband but my landlady is trying to evict me illegally (she has a personal grudge), and I have to deal with finding somewhere new to live on my own (not because I have to leave, but because I don't want anything to do with her anymore). I joined this community because I am so lonely I can't handle it. In ordinary circumstances I am quite happily a solitary person but right now I need company in any form. My situation is very complex, so please respect my wishes if I don't want to divulge all the details. But otherwise, I'd love to talk. :)

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Your name (or username): Amanda
Your loves name (or username): Michael
Your ages: I'm 22 and he's 25
Been together: 10 months
Been apart: 5 months
Reason for the separation: He works on a tugboat.
Locations and/or distance apart: I'm in Maine and he's in New York
How often do you see each other? Every two weeks
When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)? No idea
Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married? Exclusively Dating, about to become Engaged
Your favorite way to express your love while separated: phone calls, texting
Your meeting/getting together story: My best friend dated his best friend, they broke up, she stayed friends with his best friend and introduced us.
Anything else you want to tell us? We had been together for about 5 months before he got a really great job offer to work on a tugboat, he had been on a waiting list for two years. He's at work two weeks at a time and home two weeks at a time. I know it's not a traditional long distance relationship, but it's hard.

Intro - Considering going LDR

Your name (or username):    Laura
Your love's name (or username):     Ry
Your ages:     I'm 34, he's 33
Been together:    almost 5 years
Been apart:     not yet
Reason for the separation:  I may take a job in AZ
Locations and/or distance apart:     1500 miles if I take the job
How often do you see each other?  Currently live together, but if I move probably once a month or so.
When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)?  3 months
Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married?  Exclusive
Your favorite way to express your love while separated:  phone and email
Your meeting/getting together story:  We met on a writing workshop website - we were 350 miles apart at that time.  I visited him about every 2 weeks.  The first time he visited me he didn't bother to go back.  He hates to travel.
Anything else you want to tell us?  We have two cats.

He's going to start school again in the fall.  He'll be taking classes full time and will probably keep working part time as well.  I've got an opportunity to follow my dream job 1500 miles away and I'm thinking I'll probably go. 

We have a very peaceful relationship - not exciting but not boring either.  We haven't had any time apart since he moved in with me, except for one recent long weekend when I worked at a music festival.  It did make the heart grow fonder.  Does anyone have any advice on preparing for the separation? 

This looks like a really nice community and I'm looking forward to getting to know you.  I will also join loversfaraway if/when I move.  Thanks so much!

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Your name (or username): Amie
Your loves name (or username): Nick
Your ages: I'm 22, he is 27
Been together: 1 year
Been apart: Since September
Reason for the separation: He got given an amazing job offer in New York and agreed it before I even knew him!
Locations and/or distance apart: I'm in London, he's in New York.  8hour flight.
How often do you see each other?: Depends on luck.  Saw him once between September - December, then he was home for Xmas, then saw him end of January as he came back to work in London for two weeks, then we went to Mexico for a weekin Feb, then I saw him 6 weeks after over Easter and then he came back to work in London but got stuck here for three weeks due to the volcano (tragic!!) and he came over recently where we went to a wedding. 
When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)?: I don't know..
Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married?: Exclusively dating (I hope anyway!!)
Your favorite way to express your love while separated: We talk all day literally on whatsapp (iphone app = free messaging)
Your meeting/getting together story: We met on a boat party, wasted.  Took the mick out of each other and he begged me to take his number.  We met up eventually 4 weeks later, had 6 weeks of dating and then he flew away.  He asked me out on my birthday on the top of the Rock in NY.
Anything else you want to tell us?:  It is really hard but I've never felt this way about anyone.  I love spending time with him and often we spend 9hours just talking.  I love greeting him at the airports etc but I really miss those first 6 weeks of dating where everything was carefree and spontaneous.  I wish we could have more spontaneous dates etc but obviously due to time and cost this is not possible.  It's bloody expensive!!!

Sometimes I freak out a bit and start either laying into him for no reason or because I've fabricated things in my head.  I don't know if anyone else does this in LDR's or if it is just because I have problems!  I often just want to be reassured and complimented... Reading other people's ones of these makes me think - we really aren't that "romantic".  I wrote him a letter once upon a time, I've never received one back haha.  If I asked him to stay on webcam while I slept he'd be like wtf!!

I guess everyones different!

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(no subject)

Your name (or username): Madison; madisonboo

Your loves name (or username): Gavin

Your ages: 14 (me); 13 (him)

Been together: since September of 2008

Been apart: Since May of 2009

Reason for the separation: His parents moved for their jobs.

Locations and/or distance apart: About 2 hours

How often do you see each other? Every other weekend?

When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)? I have no idea..

Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married? Used to be Exclusive... But not right now. We still love each other though.

Your favorite way to express your love while separated: Phone calls... Texting. Thats about all we can do.

Your meeting/getting together story: We met in In School Suspension. [It was a mistake that I was there! Wasnt my fault!] But I hadnt ever seen him then. The next school year when he was in my gym class, I took it as a sign and started talking to him. Fell in love!

Anything else you want to tell us? We had broken up before he moved... But soon we started talking again and realized that we still both loved each other and can't stay apart... :(
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(no subject)

my name- Rumiko

his name- Troy

ages- 19 and 19

Location of distance apart-
we are about an hour an a half a part.

reason for separation-
our distance is our reason for our separation. He is going to take on an apprentice union job working in construction; but he is all lined up to go to the Air Force. the only reason that i think that he hasn't gone into it already is that i want him to take his time an think about it before he actually singes his name committing himself till his term is up. while i am stuck in a little hick town so small that it literally has one stop light. ...and it broke yesterday! this town has one grocery store an it went out of business once! people drove 30min out there way to buy groceries. sorry i know that is way off subject but omg! it does speak a bit to my boyfriend's character that he'd drive here to visit me. lol

how often do we see each other?
we hadn't seen each other in almost a month but he was coming about halfway from were he lives to were i live so i met him half way an we spent a few hours together before we both had to go back home. we are going to start trying to see each other ateast once  a week. but it might be kinda hard because of how much gas costs. 

when will our LDR become a SDR?
i really don't know. i love him an i know that he loves me. but it might be a few years before that could happen; we are both at a starting point with not a whole lot under our feet an i want to go to collage and he wants to get into a career. which is good that we trying to get set so that we can have decent lives, but it's part of why we don't get to see each other. i think that once we can get enough education or enough experience that we are able to make enough money to pay bills; which would then let us be able to be together.

How exclusive?
um he has talked about marriage. he's told me that he wants to be together for a long time. an i want to be with him. we've talked about latter in life having kids, and how many kids. about when we're old. about when we die what we want to happen and what to have happened. we are young but we really do love each other.

Favorite way to show love while separated?
i don't think that i have a favorite. but we talk on the phone, myspace, and through our xboxs. but i miss seeing him smile and hearing him laugh not seeing haha or =) typed out. 

Our meeting getting together story....
well we used to go to the same high school, we didn't know each other then but we had math class together. we are both very shy by nature but slowly we started to talk to each other in class, an we started to become friends then he moved away. but before he had moved away he had send me a friend request on myspace. the next year after he left we both had online classes and were on the computer for probably about four hours. that being the case we talked through myspace about anything and everything for a little over a year. then sometime in the year that followed that year spent talking through myspace he came back to the little city that we had once both lived in (an i still lived at the time.) to visit his cousin. But it had snowed over night so hard that most of the roads were closed, and the high way was like a last resort. so he stayed another night with his cousin. sometime that day that he woke up to his car being snowed in an the roads being so bad he said lets hang out cause he was in the area. i caught a bus and meet him at a store that was close to were  his cousin lives and we spent the day together. when it was got to be time for me to waite for my bus we go into a little snow ball fight. then on the bench waiting for the last bus that would get me home he was asking me questions like 'what would you've said if i had asked you out when we went to school together' but i didn't want to answer any of his questions because i liked him and i was too shy to say so. or go first. so then i think out of curiosity and frustration he asked me out. and i said yes. and he leaned in to kiss me. i know that his was trying to get me to french kiss him but i did not let that happen. haha dont know why? i was just like nope.  then i got on the bus and went to the window to look out at him and flipped him off and made a face. he smiled real big then flipped me off. we look at each other till our eyes couldn't see around the very back of the bus through to the windows.

anything else i want to share....
any ideas on how to keep in touch, gifts, forget me nots......ect.
anything suggestions at all are appreciated.  really. =)

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The Goodbye

Your name (or username): Michelle
Your loves name (or username): Aiman
Your ages: 22 & 23
Been together: 2 Years
Been apart: 4 days
Reason for the separation: He is going to med school
Locations and/or distance apart: 5,800 miles apart :(
How often do you see each other? Twice a year
When will your LDR become a SDR (if you know)? 4 years from now
Non-exclusively Dating, Exclusively Dating, Engaged, or Married? Exclusively dating
Your favorite way to express your love while separated: Text messaging
The Goodbye

I just got back to my parents house after a long day saying goodbye to Aiman. Being at the airport with him and his family made for an awkward goodbye, I just wanted to hug and kiss him the whole time but I could barely bring myself to kiss him in front of his parents - it just seemed inappropriate. I tried not to cry - I hate for people I don't really know to see me so vulnerable, so with a quick hug and a kiss I let him go. I stood there for what seemed like a lifetime watching him as he swirled through the line, desperately hoping he would glance in my direction one final time before he disappeared from my sight. 

Driving home Tarek and I got into a conversation about him and Emily and me and Aiman. He said that her and I were in ‘special situations’ with him and Aiman because of the religion and traditional differences between our families and theirs. Though I know his intentions for our conversation were good, I couldn’t help but be saddened by realization that sometimes love really isn’t enough. He explained to me that his parents want him to start seeing Emily less and that though they originally said it would be OK for him to date her, they didn’t expect it to go this far (6 years). I asked him if he truly, honestly, in his heart thought his parents would stop talking to him if he married her and without even thinking he responded with ‘My mom probably would eventually, but my dad never would – I think it would break his heart if I were to do that’. It was at that moment that my heart just dropped. I could never ask Aiman to give up his family for me, even if he was willing to do so, it makes me wonder if I’m being selfish with him. Could I really be with him if his parents didn’t approve of it? Would he resent me one day for ruining his relationship with his family? I know these are questions whose answers will only be revealed with time but I can’t keep them from flowing through my mind.

I know it seems so crazy but I can’t imagine life without him. I literally share every detail of my life with him, for the past two years he has been there for me every second I needed him and now I have no one. I never thought I could love anyone like this or find someone with whom I have such a strong connection, he really is more than my boyfriend, he's my best friend. Adjusting to this is going to suck.